From the belief in the principle that the most effective tools are those that are simple, effective and quick, the N.I.N.J.A cryptocurrency project was born.

In 2023 N.I.N.J.A was born

Based on the belief that N.I.N.J.A low price was needed so that future traders and holders could easily create a price increase. The decision was made to inject and swap a large amount of N.I.N.J.A. As expected the price of N.I.N.J.A dropped sharply during this event, allowing people to trade in smaller denomination tokens, such as $2 to $10, and in this way future holders are able to create for themselves self-growth/ price increase.

Such an action will never be performed again in the future

N.I.N.J.A = Power to the People

N.I.N.J.A was listed on CoinGecko #CoingeckoTerminal



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